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Alberto De Martino's "THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER" (1963) HQ

AKA "Horror", an Italian gohic thriller about family curse written by brothers Bruno and Sergio Corbucci, supposedly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Lots of dark corridors, ladies in nightgown with a candle, thunder storms, and ugly monster creeping around... Great fun!

Strangely enough, this US dubbed version occures in XIXth Century France, while the French dubbed release of 1966 (as "Le Manoir de la Terreur") was supposed to occure in turn of the XIXth Century Scotland. Gothic horror is always elsewhere, I suppose...

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Reviewer: punch a redneck - - January 26, 2014
Subject: Atmospheric
Great classic horror film in a dark mansion with flickering candles. In HQ too, nice.